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I was scrolling around this blog then I realized this is the only existing blog I have right now among the numerous blogs I made way back when I was younger. I would write about anything. So, dear blog, I am reviving you this summer 2014 because I think now is a great time to write again and I can’t just express everything on facebook. So, here is a welcome back froth cafe picture! hmmm… smells good! 

My new fish. Meet Angel.. :)

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A game of idioms. Idioms play a big part in our spoken english ;)

School and work. So this is how it feels.

Back to school!

     Many things in life, big and small, never fail to amaze me, like the stars in the sky and how they shine, the blue whale and what could it be doing right now, considering that it’s really big! the earth and what holds it in place, babies and how they feel their mother’s love, God and of course, love itself. These things are not exactly that strange because they can be explained through science but in my head, I still keep on asking, “How is that made possible?”. Why do some things in this life exist or some parts in the human body, for example, exist when they don’t serve any purpose? Like the appendix. When I clean the house, I always hate dust and I think that the furniture in the house isn’t doing anything at all, why does it become dirty? In our house, I ask, why do we still keep this piece of furniture when we only need this? Most people are ironic. They want to have a clean space to live in yet they are not willing to give up the things that clutter the house just when they actually decide to start cleaning. 

      Why does melanin clutter on some places of our skin, creating moles? Why do I ask for a break from work and then want something to do when it’s been too long that I haven’t been working? 

     You can actually try searching for answers to these questions and it’s fun to try doing it online because people can give you the strangest answers! I’ve always loved cats!  It’s like when I see a cat, I always want to hug it. I think I have this sort of connection to cats. I’ve always wondered why cats purr. I’ve noticed that our cat before produces a sound which I think it does unintentionally. When I hold my cat, I can feel vibration from its throat. In my search for answers, I have learned that cats purr when they are anxious or when they feel relaxed or comfortable, sometimes when they are full or happy.  To read more, cats purr explained in this link. How the purr is produced is not yet explained in full detail by scientist, but now I know that when cats purr, it can mean a negative or positive thing.

     One of the most amazing things on earth, of course, is nature. I bet most of you would agree that water falling from the sky is just amazing. The rain just brings a calming effect to the soul, for some, it’s rather gloomy or sad when it rains. But for me, rain is a blessing. I like rain better than the sunny season as long as people are safe and there are no floods or typhoons. The rainy season is so relaxing. Just make sure that you are geared for the wet season when it comes so that instead of being hassled because you are getting wet, you’ll enjoy walking in the rain instead.   Do you know what the cause of rain is?

      The human body is perhaps the best creation of God (if you believe in God). Life starts with one cell. Imagine how, from a single cell, we have been created to what we are now and what we are capable of doing, our ears, eyes, nose, limbs and joints are all made up of several parts. Most of our body parts have function. Can you think of a part of our body that does not have any use aside from the appendix? Let’s compare the male and the female body. Most of the body parts are similar except the genitals. Women have breasts to be able to feed their babies, but why do guys or men have nipples? Does this serve them any purpose? Why do men have nipples? Well you can click on the link for an answer. The site basically tells us that it’s simply part of being human. That regardless of gender, having nipples has been imprinted to our DNA therefore, even if this part does not serve any purpose for men, they have it just because it’s the program.

      We can ask a whole bunch of questions. We can do intense research but I know that we can’t always explain everything that happens to us or that happens in this world. Sometimes, we can only say, “because that’s the way that it is supposed to be”. As humans, I guess our minds have power, but at the end of the day, when we are no longer able to comprehend or explain different phenomena, then perhaps, for the believers, we can simply rest with the thought that that is how God designed for things to happen, or for those who do not believe in God, you can only tell yourself, because… that’s just the way it is. Life can be strange, yet it is in its strangeness that it becomes more amazing to continue to live. 

     I was browsing over some quotes made by famous people. Mahatma Ghandi’s “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony” quote is one of my favorites. We always want to achieve happiness. Many of us are great dreamers. We dream to every detail of what we want to do. But we don’t achieve happiness just by dreaming. I’m not really a fan of rap artists but I would like to quote Whiz Khalifa. “You ain’t gonna stop trying to get where you going until you reach it. Happiness is about dreaming and taking action. It is common for ordinary people to have dreams, but what will matter the most is when we take action. Don’t stop until you reach what you have always been dreaming of. I believe that there is still plenty of time, most especially when you are young.

     Although life is not just about dreams. Of course, dreams make life more interesting. It removes us from life’s redundancy. It creates a mission in life where failing to achieve it makes our life seem aimless. We cannot always rely on our own strengths. As humans, we all have weaknesses and there will come a point where we will be needing more than just our own physical strength. We will be seeking for something more, and we will be needing something more, like faith. It is a deep longing that sometimes we can’t seem to identify, but once that gap is filled, it’s more than what we’ve been asking for. “In prayer, it is better to have a heart without words than words without a heart”, also a quote from Ghandi. 

     Don’t stop dreaming and in so doing, we also must not stop believing.
     Here are some other sayings by Wiz Khalifa and also great quotes by ghandi. And if you think you’d like to think more about life, here’s a good source of inspirational quotes.